Theater Marquee features Tyrese's 1st Movie Poster
Movie was produced years after the concept design was completed

JF Carlson Architects Inc.

Tyrese Palace Home Theater Concept Design Study
Temecula, California

The owner; Tyrese Gibson, an accomplished R&B singer, MTV television personality and later a movie star wanted to add a cool new home theater to his existing residence.    

To capitalize on the owners unique home perched in the foothills above Temecula, California, The Palace Theater as it's called, incorporates the sloping nature of the site into the design and as a result a new state of the art stadium seating theater was conceived by Jim Carlson.

The new structure was designed to accommodate the latest innovations in home theater design and equipment and at the same time it provides attractive elevations that incorporate the roof tiles and other features from the original house.    

The Home Theater addition looks like it was always a part of the original house.

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