3rd Living Level


2nd Bedroom Level
1st Garage & Entry level

JF Carlson Architects Inc.

El Contento Residence #2   
Los Angeles, California

Residence # 2, was the smallest of the original lots planned to be developed on this unique view site located in the Hollywod Hills, just above Downtown Hollywood. The house takes it's unique 45 degree shape from the irregular lot lines and the city's required 2nd floor set back requirements.

The 4,200 Sq. Ft. house; features a reversed stacked floor plan with the living levels on on the 3rd level to capture the panoramic views of Downtown Hollywood and the vista's beyond.  The 3 story, 3 bedroom house features elevator access to all levels , with stair access to the roof top deck.

Residence #3 was similar in design, without the site constaints imposed on the site of residence two.

Working drawings were 90% complete when the Owner suddenly passed away and the project was stopped by probate.

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